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Since 1997, Spectrum Restoration has specialized in insurance related home, multi-tenant residential, and commercial storm repair.

Most disaster damage is paid for by your insurance coverage. We are experts in this specialized field and offer complete start to finish service with Insurance Claim losses. With so much to consider and information to sift thru, it is difficult for most property owners to confidently handle their Insurance Claims and repairs and feel good about the end result. Spectrum has the personnel, expertise and negotiating savvy to help maximize your claim to cover the true cost of necessary repairs. In addition we counsel and inform our clients through the process to ensure understanding and speed-up settlement with your Insurance carrier.

Most insurance claims for natural disasters focus on Hurricane and Tornado related damage.  The Great State of Texas is unfortunately part of “Tornado Alley”, “Hail Alley”, and “Hurricane Alley.”  While we also specialized in Hurricane and Tornado related repairs, we realize it is important that property owners understand that year in and year out, hail storms are the single most costly form of natural disaster.  Many people do not realize the extent of damage to their property after a hailstorm, because it is not as obvious as with other forms of disaster.  Don’t be fooled, it can be much more extensive than it appears

You don’t have to go through FEMA, Emergency Assistance, or Insurance Claims processes on your own - Spectrum can HELP!

Included on this website is critical, useful Insurance Claims information. This information will assist you in understanding the task ahead of you. It will also offer help with handling your insurance carrier and knowing your rights.

Please read the Insurance Claims information and allow Spectrum to help you! This will dramatically speed up your claim while teaching you to organize things in the order that the Insurance industry understands. Then let Spectrum help you with the knowledge we've gained from years of handling claims and helping people just like you.

After you have finished, call us and one of our trained field agents will schedule a visit. Our assistance will allow you to orchestrate your time efficiently while we handle the headaches of insurance claims and repairs.